Raise Your Vibration

Did you know that once you reach your LOVE vibration, you become completely free from any fear or doubt? Did you also know that this is the vibration you and your twin come out of separation and back into union consciousness ? This is where you start communicating again. This frequency is 500 on the human conscious scale. To come into harmonious union or to embody your higher self, you need to reach 540. This isn’t something I’ve been told, this is what I’ve discovered from my personal experience. It’s the vibration of joy.

When you raise your vibration, you stop negative thinking therefore releasing blocks to your desired manifestation.

So before you try to visualise your dreams and goals, first focus on raising your vibration. You will discover that once you’ve raised your vibration, you will be more positive, focused and you will attract much more uplifting experiences to your life. You will also find it easy to hold your desired outcome vibrationally.

This is my list of daily rituals to lift your overall vibration.

Connecting to source daily : Practice this and you can do this anywhere and anytime with little to no effort.

One of the benefits of connecting to source is being able to release your negative beliefs when used with affirmations but also it raises your overall consciousness over time.

How to: Close your eyes. Imagine 300 feet above you a white light coming down into the crown of your head. As it seeps into your body it clears any negativity. Filling up every part of your body until it reaches the soles of your feet. Let it go out through the soles of your feet, into the earth. Once it reaches the centre of the earth, let it come back up through your feet and into your body again. once it reaches your heart space, imagine it spreading out from your heart space. Filling up the room, filling up your town, then the country, then earth and then out into the universe.

When we do this we become one with source and if practiced regularly, slowly this will raise your consciousness.

Exercise: 4- 5 times a week. To let out those high vibration endorphins. When you sweat you are releasing toxins which means you are clearing negative heavy energy from your cells.

Eat raw and high vibrational foods daily: Work towards an alkaline diet to raise your frequency. Eat fruit and veg, nuts, seeds and whole grain. organic is best.

Drink green juice to help you alkalise and clear those toxins. Take a super quality multivitamin. Cut out bread as bread makes us tired because wheat is actually not easy for the body to digest.

Reduce your sugar. Sugar is toxic, it spikes Your blood sugars and it feeds bad flora which then releases acids. These acids cause havoc on the body.

Balance your gut flora with a good probiotic This will keep your immune system strong to help you fight of infection and will also help you with bloating and regular stool movement. Remove all white goods like white pasta, bread and rice. As just like sugar causes a spikes in your blood sugars and feeds your bad gut flora.

Eat fruits to replace your sugar craving. Reduce your caffeine intake but if you’re like me having a lovely cup of coffee daily definitely raises the vibe.

Gratitudes daily : Get yourself a gratitude journal and every evening before you go to bed, write down a list of all the things you are grateful for from that day. It can start small so don’t worry if you find it difficult at first. There is always something to be grateful for. As each day goes by, you will find more and more things to be grateful for until eventually you will have totally shifted your focus. If you are struggling with not being positive, maybe even depressed. A daily gratitude journal will shift you out of that state into a more positive mindset. It will change your life!

Meditation daily is really pivotal because when we are meditating we are no longer thinking which means we are no longer resistant to our natural state. It benefits our mental and emotion wellbeing. Increases our focus and positive mindset. It also reduces stress and connects us to our intuition. Try to do 5-20 minutes minimum a day.

Drink water and stay hydrated. One of the biggest causes of tiredness and fatigue is dehydration. Most people do not drink near enough water. Drink a minimum of 8 cups of filtered water daily.

Affirmations spoken and written help us shift our beliefs if we use them in repetition while connecting to source or if we are about to fall asleep.

Even while going about our day they have a positive affect on us.

Writing them down has even more power to help us focus and manifest our desires.

We create our reality with the words and thoughts we speak and as we have 1000 of thoughts a day it’s really important to notice the words we speak because they change the direction of our thoughts.

Walk around with a note pad, Notice any negative statements we speak to our friends or ourselves. Then write it down. In the evening, write down the opposite affirmation. This will be your new affirmation.

Visit a place you enjoy, regularly: Have you ever noticed a place, cafe, a restaurant, a favourite destination or even going to your favourite shop that makes you feel good. These are high vibrational spots. Write down a list of your high vibrational spots and make it your mission to go between 2 to 4 times a week.

Hope you enjoy.

With love


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