Are you choosing union or separation?

Some twinflame guides are leading others to beleive separation is there so we can heal blocks to love but what if one of those blocks is a belief you must go into separation. We do not need to go into separation to become a better version of ourselves. In fact even leading twinflame expert CassidyContinue reading “Are you choosing union or separation?”

Dreaming of your twinflame and what it means.

I am only drawing on my own experience here but I noticed that if he was about to return to me physically, it was like clockwork I’d dream of him. When we was in each others lives physically, I was dreaming of him all the time but as the energy weakened and we went intoContinue reading “Dreaming of your twinflame and what it means.”

What a kundalini awakening feels like.

I’m sure they all can differentiate. The first time my kundalini awakened I was having dinner with my twinflame and suddenly something happened. I began to sweat, I became flustered, breathing heavy and was disappearing under the table literally. I did not hide any of it. He sat there all calm like ‘ yep I’mContinue reading “What a kundalini awakening feels like.”

There’s no such thing as a twinflame runner!

In fact some twinflames go straight into union. This may be because of their belief systems and ability to give and receive love in perfect balance. Yes you could say they are healed. But what is it to be healed? Is it not removing the blocks to love ? And what does it mean toContinue reading “There’s no such thing as a twinflame runner!”